Sunday, November 13, 2016

John T. Hogue – Apache County Superintendent of Schools 1899-1906

So recently I received a call from the Apache County Schools office as they are looking for more information on the past County Schools Superintendents.  That’s ALL it took to get me off and running on a research project!!  We have some very interesting subjects here!  I chose to write about one of them in this blog post because he intrigued me, and also we are just past celebrating Veteran’s Day and he was a Civil War Veteran.  

John T. Hogue

Apache County Superintendent of Schools 1899-1906

Captain John Thomas Hogue 1835-1911
Photo Courtesy: Kelly Owens

John Thomas Hogue was born on March 8, 1835, in Xenia, Ohio.  He married Mary Elizabeth Marsh on May 26, 1858, in Ohio. They had five children in 12 years.   

He served in the Civil War in the “Grand Old Army of the Republic”.   His first enlistment was in the 6th Independent Company, Ohio Cavalry in 1861.  Later that year his enlistment was transferred to the 3rd New York Cavalry where he saw very strenuous and long continued service, principally in North Carolina and Virginia.  He was promoted to the position of Regimental Quartermaster in 1863 and was honorably discharged at Richmond, Virginia on 4 February 1866.

In the early 1880s they moved to St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona where they resided for almost 30 years.  Captain Hogue, at different times served the people of Apache County in various positions including: County Superintendent of Schools, Clerk of the District Court, Probate Judge, and territorial legislator.

He was county School Superintendent from 1899-1906.  In 1901 he presided over the County Teachers Institute held in St. Johns, during the month of December.  On one of the days he spoke on “Supervision, the relation of the different parties concerned or interested in public schools.”  The institute was attended by the following teachers: 

·         J.W. Brown
·         J.T. Brown
·         A.S. Gibbons
·         D.D. Collins
·         J.N. Bilyeu
·         Leila Kempe
·         Pearl Udall
·         Amelia Hunt (Garcia – later to become County School Superintendent)
·         W.S. Gibbons
·         Gracia Fernandez
·         C. Jensen
·         Charlotte Kempe
·         E.L. Crooper
·         Berth F. Fearon
·         Naomi Freemen
·         E.S. Perkins
·         Lavenia Berry
·         R.E. Ling

In 1906 upon his retirement/replacement as County Superintendent of Schools he was presented with a “Loving Cup” on 28 Dec 1906.  
St. Johns Herald & Apache News, 20 Dec 1906

 I had never heard of such a thing and therefore had to pursue additional research to find out about the “Loving Cup”.  I found this on Wikipedia:  “A loving cup is a shared drinking container traditionally used at weddings and banquets. It usually has two handles and is often made of silver. Loving cups are often given as trophies to winners of games or other competitions. They can be found in several European cultures, including the Celtic quaich and the French coupe de marriage.”  I also found articles in the St. Johns Herald about the formation of the “Loving Cup Club” in 1900, and in the next issue the following article talking about the history of the “Loving Cup”:
St. Johns Herald,  27 Jan 1900

In June of 1910 he was recognized in the St. Johns Herald and Apache Newspaper, in an article about Memorial Day Celebrations, as the “only living representative of the Grand Army in our town now.”

In the last year of his life, due to failing health, he returned east to be among friends at Washington.   He died on March 28, 1911, in DC, having lived a long life of 76 years.  He was a member of George H. Thomas Post G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) and by that Post was buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.