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Walter G. Scott - continued

Walter G. Scott


Thanks to a heads-up from a co-worker - I found a picture of Walter Scott!  He was actively involved with the National Guard Unit "Company K" in St. Johns for many years.  They met at the Armory Building, that still stands (2013), on main street.  They had weekly drills and stayed prepared for whatever should be needed of them.
The St. Johns Herald - September 1895

Below are a couple of photos of Company K in St. Johns found in Cameron Udall's book - "Images of America: St. Johns, Arizona":

In 1898 he became a volunteer in "McCord's Regiment" during the Spanish-American War.  The regiment was mustered out at Forth Whipple near Prescott, Arizona, and spent some time there before going to Georgia.

His daughter Jessie went to Fort Whipple to see him before they left:

St. Johns Herald News - October 1, 1898

This news snippet to the left indicates they were headed to Lexington, Kentucky, but eventually they were in Camp Churchman at Albany, Georgia.  As indicated in the following letter sent to David King Udall by Walter Scott in December of 1898 - which was then published in the newspaper.

Here is the transcription of the letter:

The following is a letter from Walter G. Scott:  Camp Churchman Albany, Georgia, Dec 26, 1898.

Hon. D. K. Udall.

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 16th, inst and I was very much gratified to hear from you directly.

In regards to the men from St. Johns I would say that they are regarded as among the very best in the regiment.

St. Johns Herald News - January 21, 1899
Upon the organization of the company, Fred Davis was made a sergeant and is now the first duty sergeant of the company.  Elijah Holgate is a corporal, and is now acting in the capacity of postmaster at division headquarters at Columbus.  I think they like him very well at Gen. Sangers headquarters.  Andrew Peterson has been the company clerk ever since we were mustered into the service at Fort Whipple, and has recently been appointed corporal.  These are all the men who came with me from St. Johns.  Not one of them has ever given the officers a bit of trouble, neither have they ever been in the guard house, I am very much gratified in regard to the manner in which these boys has conducted themselves.  They one and all, have done their duty without any shrinking  I do not think that any of them have ever been on the sick report and certainly none of them have ever been a single day in the hospital.  Fred Davis is by far the finest looking man in the regiment, and is also one of the best known.  For the last few week(s) he has been acting as Color sergeant, and he makes a very fine appearance at dress parade as he marches past bearing the regimental flag.  Captain Donoldson of this company together with myself are trying to have him permanently appointed “Color Sergeant”.

You are at liberty to show this letter to all our friends and particularly to the relatives and friends of these men.

Yours truly,

Lieut. Walter G. Scott,

Co. C First Territorial Regiment

U.S.A. Infantry, Camp Churchman, Albany, GA.

The St. Johns Herald - July 8, 1899

Shortly after  returning from serving in the Volunteer Regiment - he purchased the newspaper the "Safford Arizonian" and with his family moved to Graham County, Arizona where he once again worked as a newspaper editor and lawyer:

Transcription of article:  
"The Safford Arizonian has changed hands, A. D. Webb retiring and Walter G. Scott of St. Johns, Apache County taking the helm.  The Arizonian has been an excellent little local paper and Mr. Scott promises to make efforts to continue to merit the support of  Graham county--Arizona Gazette.

The people of St. Johns and Apache co., can assure the people of Safford and Graham Co., that  the Arizonian will continue to be an excellent paper, for Lieut. Scott has been connected with the Herald in the past.  

We shall be sorry to lose Lieut. Scott, from our midst, but our loss will be another's gain.

He and his pleasant family take with them the best wishes of the many friends they leave behind."

I have yet to find his death information.

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