Friday, July 5, 2013

Carl Hayden Letter

 During my inventory of some of the Archives at the museum I came across this letter from Senator Carl Hayden to early St. Johns resident Jacob Barth.

Carl Hayden did historical research as a hobby, and was researching some of the early settlers of Arizona - including Solomon Barth - founder of St. Johns, and Jacob Barth's father.
I love how back then you could just put a name and a city on an envelope and it would reach the person!  No PO Box, no zip code....those were the days.

More on the Barth's in coming posts....

"Carl Trumbull Hayden (October 2, 1877 – January 25, 1972) was an American politician and the first United States Senator to serve seven terms. Serving as Arizona's first Representative for eight terms before entering the Senate, Hayden set the record for longest-serving member of the United States Congress more than a decade before his retirement from politics. The longtime Dean of the United States Senate served as its president pro tempore and chairman of both its Rules and Administration and Appropriations committees.

Known as the "Silent Senator", Hayden rarely spoke on the Senate floor. Instead his influence came from committee meetings and Senate cloakroom discussions where his comments were given a respect comparable to canon law.  A colleague said of him, "No man in Senate history has wielded more influence with less oratory," while the Los Angeles Times wrote that Hayden had "assisted so many projects for so many senators that when old Carl wants something for his beloved Arizona, his fellow senators fall all over themselves giving him a hand. They'd probably vote landlocked Arizona a navy if he asked for it.""

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