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Dr. Bouldin - Apache County Superintendent of Health

Dr. Thomas Jefferson Bouldin
So this week's adventure involves Dr. Bouldin - a name I remember my Grandma Nielsen mentioning in the past.  This week in talking with the President of the Historical Society (Nestor Montoya) he informed me that someone had come in during the week and donated Doctor Bouldin's old medical books, and one of his ledgers.  Mr. Montoya knew I would be excited about it and I WAS!!!  And of course I immediately wanted to know MORE about this man!  I was so excited that the museum had his photo - because the more I learned about him, the more I wanted to know what he looked like!

He made $100 a month for his County Position-1917
I knew that he was a local doctor from hearing his name mentioned by the older generation - but what I DIDN'T know was that for years he was the Apache County Superintendent of Health!  He traveled all over Apache County attending to sick and injured residents in the early 1900s!  He also was in the U.S. Medical Corps during World War I !

He was born in  1879 in Alabama (on FindAGrave it says he was born in Warren County Tennessee - but everywhere else I have found it lists Alabama as his birthplace.)

As I searched the Census records and historical St. Johns newspapers - I found that he was  in the St. Johns area for years (He is listed on the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Census in St. Johns).  As far as I can find he had at least 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter.  I do know that by 1930 he was divorced (listed on the 1930 Apache County Census for St. Johns that way) but had his 3 sons who were by then in there 20s living with him.  He died in 1939 and is buried in the St. Johns Westside Cemetery.

Apache County Herald 26 June 1919
I found a newspaper article of him treating a Typhoid outbreak - most of the victims were workers on the Lyman Dam.   Another worker at the dam, Frederico Gonzales,  got his hand smashed and Dr. Bouldin had to amputate two of his fingers.

I will continue to look for more information on him, as my curiosity is definitely aroused!!

Some of Doc Bouldin's books that were donated

Above are some of the books that were donated to the Museum/Historical Society; and below is his ledger, and one of the 'index' pages from the ledger.

Dr. Bouldin's Office Ledger-1929

One of the 'index' pages from ledger-1929

I just had to include this little blurb that I found in one of the historic newspaper on the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program website - The Apache County Herald  10 May 1919:
Wow how times have changed! 


Photo of Dr. Bouldin's Grave (from


  1. In Dr. Bouldin's article "Health Conditions" he mentions the link of Typhoid to the Lyman Dam. My Great Grandfather Andres Saavedra died of Typhoid Oct 13 1918 in St. Johns and he also worked on the Lyman Dam. Andres was a son of Jose M Saavedra who is believed to have been the first resident of the St. John's area when he came to the area to build a bridge across the Little Colorado River for Antonio Baca. Also in your post re: Genaro Acosta-Contractor, Andres Saavedra was a Brother in Law to Genaro and Lazaro Acosta was Andres' Father in Law. Laurie - My contact is

  2. Thank you for the information & your contact info! I am of course familiar with the Saavedra name - especially Jose. Such a wonderful, rich history this area has & I love learning more about it & getting in contact with descendants of these amazing people! We all sure had some tough, hard-working, amazing ancestors! Dolly

  3. Love this article! I've been researching Doc Bouldin this year too. That newspaper clipping about the manure makes me happy.

  4. According to his obituary, in 1931 and 1932 he was state senator from Apache County.

  5. "AJ" - I have a bunch of newspaper clippings if you are interested. Wow - you have his Obit!? I haven't found that! And haven't seen anything about him being a Senator. Great information. THANKS!