Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Forgotten Regiment

 On one of my recent adventures at the museum I came across this old 'poster' honoring an Arizona Territorial Regiment from the Spanish-American War.  It is in quite bad shape, and wanting to do something to preserve it I started snapping photos of it.
I came home wanting to know more about it and why it would be in our Apache County Museum.   So after several Internet searches I found a little bit about it!

It is referred to as "The Forgotten Regiment" 
and was led by Governor Myron McCord who resigned his office to organize and command an all-Arizonan infantry regiment.  They are called the 'forgotten regiment' because they never actually saw battle.

But I still don't know what they did in St. Johns or why there is a reference to St. Johns on the bottom of the poster!  A critical piece is missing & it is a mystery I will have to solve.

Read more about it using the link to "The Forgotten Regiment."

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